Need a thermal camera occasionally for your business or work?

No need to buy – simply rent a Flir when you need it!


We offer discounted repeat hire rates for businesses, enquire today for more information.

Whether you’re a Melbourne plumber, tradie, house inspector, site manager, or mechanic, save money and rent your thermal imaging camera on demand! Get cheap access to professional tools at Melbourne’s lowest rental rates.

Rent Flir One PRO Gen 3 Thermal Camera

1-day rental: $59 |  3-day rental: $79
7-day rental: $99

+ delivery charges – please see our map.

  • Plugs into your phone, and saves images direct to your device
  • Options available for iPhone or Android (USB-C)
  • 160×120 resolution
  • 40 minutes battery life per charge

Rent Flir E8 Thermal Imaging Camera

 1-day rental: $99
 3-day rental: $139
7-day rental: $169


+ delivery – please see our map

  • 320×240 resolution
  • 4hrs Battery Life
  • Standalone device
  • Comfortable pistol-style grip
  • Copy images to your computer, or we can email them.

Payment via Cash or Card. Tax Invoice provided.

Cheap delivery and pickup over central to north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. (See Map)

With a Flir One Pro Thermal Imaging Camera you can:

  • Find leaks in walls and identify damp
  • Examine building thermal performance
  • Troubleshoot overheating components
  • Locate pests and animal nests in the home
  • Inspect and survey insulation effectiveness, and find gaps and see losses.
  • Trace hot water pipes through walls
  • Inspect refrigeration facilities