Professional Flir One Pro Thermal Imaging Camera

No need to buy – simply rent when you need it.


We offer discounted repeat hire rates for businesses, enquire today for more information.

Whether you’re a Melbourne plumber, tradie, or mechanic, save money and rent your thermal imaging camera on demand! Get cheap access to professional tools at Melbourne’s lowest rental rates.

With a Flir One Pro Thermal Imaging Camera you can:

  • Find leaks in walls and identify damp
  • Examine building thermal performance
  • Troubleshoot overheating components
  • Locate pests and animal nests in the home
  • Inspect and survey insulation effectiveness, and find gaps and see losses.
  • Trace hot water pipes through walls
  • Inspect refrigeration facilities

Rent a Flir One Pro Thermal Camera for iPhone or Android

1-day rental: $29 |  3-day rental: $59 | 7-day rental: $89

Payment via Cash or Card. Tax Invoice provided.

Cheap delivery and pickup over central to north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. (See Map)