Handheld Thermal Camera

While this is the cheapest Thermal Camera we offer for rental, it is still an effective and powerful tool for a range of different applications.

With a high 240×180 thermal resolution, and a fluid 20Hz update rate, this tool provides a clear and responsive view of the thermal world around you. Featuring a 9 hour battery life, microSD storage, and a built in LED light, it’s ready to go for any situation.


  • Resolution: 240×180, 20Hz
  • Thermal Sensitivity: 40mK
  • Temperature Range: -20C to 350C
  • Field of view: 52.5° x 39.5° (h x v) (~33mm equiv. lens)
  • Fixed focus range: 0.5m – 4m
  • Tripod screw mount: Yes
  • Video recording: No
  • Storage: 16GB microSD card
  • Charging: USB-C port

Call or SMS us on 0432097077 to book your Handheld Thermal Camera Rental

$49 for a day, $79 for 3 nights, or $89 for a week