Thermal Cameras are powerful tools for detecting moisture or water leaks around your business or home

How does this work?

Any time there is moisture in a porous material, some evaporation will occur at the surface. Evaporation requires heat, and this causes a very small cooling effect in that location. Since thermal cameras are highly sensitive to small changes in temperature, you can use a thermal camera to see whereabouts this small cooling effect is occurring, which can help you to track down the source of your leak.

What materials can moisture be detected in?

Thermal cameras can be great for identifying areas of moisture in plaster, wood, grout, concrete, carpet, or any other porous or fibrous material.

BONUS – Moisture Meter Available with Thermal Camera Rental

Both Pin and Pin-less Moisture Meters are available for FREE with every Flir E8 or Infiray M600 rental on request.